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    Institution management software for running any type of educational institutions
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    Stop using multiple software systems to run your institution.
    GuideCampus is the solution your institution needs

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    For Educational Institutions

    GuideCampus - Online Cloud Based Institution Management System
    for School, College & University.

About Us

GuideCampus has been providing the e-Governance ERP system to Indian educational institutes/campuses over last 5+ years. We are India's most trusted ERP (Educational Resource Planning) partner offering an integrated solutions along with the product portfolio built on the best practices followed by various institutes from across the country within the very Indian Educational Framework. These offering can easily be tailored to the specific institute's standards, processes, and extending help to overcome the IT operational challenges of educational institutions.

We have the distinct product offering for the respective segments of education systems right from school management from KG to college management, post graduation and universities, as well as for deemed or open Universities. We have already been trusted several institutions. Our commitment to Education Sector has been to provide an advance educational system with innovative technology programs that prepare students for life and for the workplace.

Why GuideCampus?

We understand the DNA of Educational System in India, having worked through several implementations since year 2012. Our primary goal & commitment is exclusively for education sector. Repository of best practices in-built in our products, that are unparalleled to match. We are prime movers to bring to the market, latest advances such as attendance systems based on ultra high frequency and RFID technology. We have also launched a low cost Cloud enabled integrated ERP for educational societies having schools (State, CBSE, IB, lCSE), colleges, polytechnics, engineering and medical colleges etc. for effective and integrated management of schools and college administration. Cloud also offers a low cost ERP for smaller institutes. We do continuous improvement to keep pace with the changing IT needs such as security, scalability, reliability & availability to ensure the right performance of the system. Adopting the ”Social & Mobile" phenomenon - there by giving the student a feel of learning in this AGE! Proven and tested support system handy available for any kind of challenges through implementation and post deployment facilitating the institutes for the required 'change management' needed. Always available at service and deliver the promise. Optimal deployment of resource of institutes to provide the faster ROI.

Join Our Team

Our team of highly skilled professionals, technically qualified and expert in developing ERP solutions. The team is mentored by a mentor panel comprising of Academicians, Global IT Experts, and Technology Architects and Process Consultants. We routinely conduct the workshops and training for keeping pace with the latest advances in technologies and thus make it available through our offering and services.


2015 by Ch.Radha Manohari dedicated to Education domain

Head Office: Hyderabad

Branch Offices: Vijayawada, Hyderabad.

Team Strength: Highly qualified professionals

Client base: Several educational institutions which includes schools, colleges (engineering, art, science, commerce, medical, polytechnic, etc.), autonomous institutions and universities.