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    to manage educational institution

    Institution management software for running any type of educational institutions
    for empowering education

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    Many Solutions

    Stop using multiple software systems to run your institution.
    GuideCampus is the solution your institution needs

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    For Educational Institutions

    GuideCampus - Online Cloud Based Institution Management System
    for School, College & University.

Cloud Based Institute Management System Software

GuideCampus ERP has 15+ pro modules and 20+ inbuilt modules. This software is designed keeping in mind the different operations of a college. Our team understands that for any college to function their administrative processes plausibly, should and must opt for an ERP, for the following reasons.

  Manual work reduces considerably

  Operations of Academic and Non-Academic department get in-synced

  Generates reports/ receipts/ drafts for all modules

  Data stays secure

  Affordable Customization

  Modern Web Technologies

  Reasonably priced

  24x7 online and offline support

Our software and services are mainly based around the following attributes:

Modern Technologies

Cloud education ERP is integrated with modern technologies.

Support and Backup

When colleges seek ERP solution for their institution what they are actually looking out for is a software which not only manages every teeny-tiny activity of the college but also ensures effective support, retrieval and efficacy of data.


College automation software has many functions, predetermined actions and tabs, thus will reduce the administrative work of colleges. Moreover, colleges have their own rules and regulations which are peculiar to that very institution; for such colleges we offers customization.


GuideCampus assures significant implementation and training sessions for college ERP software before installing it. It drives staff and users towards a regularised pattern of functioning.

Data Security

Moreover, It makes sure that data and confidential information of the college stays secure, under the vigilance of the admin and protected from external threats.

Cost Efficient

When ERP is cloud based or web based, colleges do not have to invest heavily on hardware installations. The greatest functional fact of is that it can have many users across different college department.